To print or not to print

A while back I noticed that I hadn’t been keeping up with my photo albums. Remember photo albums? I could barely recall the last time I had them updated. They sit in my office where the grandkids love to look at them. They brought it to my attentionĀ one day that there aren’t any pictures of them within the pages of our history. OK, so that answers the question, “when was the last update”. So, my weekend project began. You see, it had been playing in the back of my mind. When we attended WPPI in Vegas back in February we came to an important realization. Digital files are not archival. All digital files will eventually corrupt. It doesn’t matter how many hard drives you save them to. There is not wonder if they will, it’s only a matter of time as to when.

Once I officially got this through my head, I became worried. We are so trusting in our new technology. What happens if an entire generation is lost before we realize that it isn’t here to stay. 50 years ago, we would have a print of a photograph made, framed and displayed proudly on our walls. The realization set in that the only print I had displayed from my surprise family photo shoot last summer was the one I had printed by our photographer in a 24″x36″ standout. I picked it up, unwrapped and hung it. It seems somewhere we have gotten away from that. The announcing that Blacks would be closing in Canada was a big eye opener for us. Is it truly the way of the future to no longer display our captured moments?

So my mission began. It took a few weekends but all is caught up. My fav pics are printed and mounted in a photo album. A photo wall is created in my hallway and my recent family photos are updated. There, I feel much better.

When was the last time you printed?

2015-07-06 14.51.10