MAK Studios, where have you been?

We have been on a life journey. Many clients notice when our Facebook and website go quiet, and assume that we just don’t have anything to post. It couldn’t really be more opposite. We have been on an adventure. Much of the last year has been spent soul searching and discovering exactly what direction we want to point. We feel¬†incredibly blessed that we are able to fulfil our passion every day. Things are soon going to change for us in a way that they never have before. September will bring a new school year and the first time that both Julia and Jake will attend school full days.¬†Our focus has been on determining where we want to go as photographers. Things are becoming much clearer as we go. We will be posting more details on how we ended up here and we can’t wait to share. Our model search has been a fantastic success. We are pushing boundaries and getting creative. Since we kinda feel like we have been juggling so many things lately, we chose to post this image first. Have a wonderful day!