Letting go…as the kids head off to school

Confession time. The past month our studio has been closed for the most part. Quite some time ago we designated this August as family month. You see, everything is about to change for us. It has been a long standing situation that little laughter has regularly filled our studio. Often finding little ones hiding under our desks and jumping out to surprise us for the ninth time that morning, and actually acting surprised. Photo shoots have often been processed over a mini picnic table in the back yard with extra chairs filled with teddys and barbies. Little giggles at the thought of Sneaking juice boxes from our studio fridge and us pretending we didn’t notice.  The circumstances have been far from ideal, but they were perfect for us. When we joined together and started MAK Studios, we had the discussion about focus. It was clear that Kellys focus was in starting a family and that would be her priority. Well, our priority, as that is where my heart has always set as well.  
Things are about to change. Julia and Jacob are off to school. The very small window where your children are completely your own is starting to close. But a door is opening for them. I can see MY baby struggling. Kelly is not the type to have things stay the same. She thrives on change. This is different. She is struggling with the whole concept. Her head tells her it is a positive change, but her heart is tugging too hard. That is why August was “family month” around here and why you have been seeing a lot of Julia and Jacob on our page.  We went camping, toured Atlanta, GA, beach time, movie night, and some fantastic just plain “hang” time with our two favourite monsters.
Kelly journals to her kids about how she is feeling. It is something that she started the day Julia was born and she continues to this day. The book is getting full and soon another will be needed. As the time draws closer, Kelly has been dreading having to write the entries. That is when the idea hit me. We are documenters. We document true love, birth, growth. So, lets document. So I sent her into a field to write the entry into her journal. Then I had her family join her. There were some tough times, some tears from both of us and some laughter at all the funny parts. The video “Letting go” is about her emotional journey and her process of letting go.
Tuesday morning the studio will feel quiet and still.  I’m not sure we will get anything done, but we will try. So, we move forward. Not with a heavy heart, but with the knowledge that life is life. It always moves forward and it is up to us to choose not to suffer in what was, but find peace in what will be.
I think this says it best
“Holding on is believing that there’s only a past. Letting go is knowing there’s a future.”
Daphne Rose Kingma