Lets Celebrate!

In the Spirit of Canada Day, let’s Celebrate! Family, & Friends. When we photograph a family continuously throughout their life’s journey we really become friends and have a BLAST while creating their memories. During the session we like to catch up with them and travel their ups and downs listening as we go, laughing, hugging and offering understanding. By the end of the session we feel connected and caught up til next time. It’s a great blessing to be invited into people’s life. A sibling makes a great best friend! These 2 prove that! She was just so nurturing to him and such a mini mommy & I loved watching it! Having a brother of my own I can say I truly understand that she just cannot help her self, she must fuss & love on him, so sweet! Love, Hug, Cry & Celebrate with your Family & Friends, they are all we have and all we ever need! I’ll leave you with this FUN FACT about our great country: Did you know us Canadian’s consume more mac & cheese than any other nation! I guess we really do love KD!
A sibling makes a great best friend!  These 2 prove that!  She was just so nurturing to him and such a mini mommy & I loved watching it!  Having a brother of my own I can say I truly understand that she just cannot help her self, she must fuss & love on him, so sweet!
Love, Hug, Cry & Celebrate with your Family & Friends, they are all we have and all we ever need!
I’ll leave you with this FUN FACT about our great country: 
Did you know us Canadian’s consume more mac & cheese than any other nation!  
I guess we really do love KD!