Labour of love

August 5th_BLOG_rachel_collageI was honored and excited when my bestie said I could come to witness and enjoy the journey of welcoming her 3rd child into the world. It was going to be a calm entrance safe at home for this new babe with the amazing Renaissance midwives. The call came at 5am, I was fast asleep and woke to my phone ringing, on the other end a very calm voice saying its time to come on over, so I grabbed my camera and away I went.

Getting to hang out with her and watch her calmly go through each contraction was a privilege, I was so proud of her calm and controlled labor, taking it in stride, even dancing her way through some of the contractions to one of Katy Perry’s songs.

We decided we would take a walk around the neighborhood to get the contractions going stronger. We were walking down the street chatting about life, having a few laughs and pausing for a quiet moment when a contraction would come. All of a sudden out of nowhere it started to pour down with rain! Drops the size of quarters and we were soaked within seconds. We laughed so hard, and walked back slowly in the pouring rain, cause you obviously cant make a pregnant woman in labor run!

I watched my best friend be the strong woman I already knew she was, focused and determined and in no time at all little A come into the world peacefully and happily. In that moment, I knew her mom was shining down from above with a helping hand to bring her sweet babe into this world.


Surrounded by the calm touch of the midwives and her hubby waiting patiently we all got to meet baby A.

I would like to thank her hubby for graciously letting me be apart of this once in a lifetime moment. She is recovering amazingly and in her true determined nature is already back on schedule and planning her fitness goals and creating her new groove with 3, the baby is already 3 weeks old you know lol…..!