It’s freezing out here! Kailey & Robert’s story

Valentines Day. This has to be the night, Right? That’s what Kailey thought. Until Robert took her out to dinner at the Skylon Tower in Niagara Falls. 

After dinner, he handed over a small box. She reached out and opened it. It was a heart necklace. All her dreams about him proposing on Valentines gave way to happiness for receiving her necklace. They went for a walk out on the balcony overlooking the falls. It was a Brisk February walk to say the least. Feeling the cold, Kailey said to Rob, “OK I’m freezing, lets go”. As she started to walk away, he grabbed her hand and said, “would you wait a minute”. She turned to see him on one knee. It was the perfect night to say YES!

The wedding was a lovely celebration held at Legends golf course. With all her girls at her side, dressed in purple, Kailey read her vows and they were married. The ceremony included a beautiful uniting of them as a couple to their precious son. What a day!