How do I find ME, MYSELF & I?

It’s been so long since I last blogged I couldn’t even remember how to log in, thats just crazy!

Blogging is this great way to connect with the world on a level that is easy for us in our otherwise hectic lives full of “TO DO” lists.

Being a mother is by far the BEST, most AWESOME experience I’ve had to date and it fills my heart everyday…

….and if I’m being brutally honest sometimes its down right terrible, the weight of the responsibility to raise 2 happy, fulfilled, successful people keeps me up at night (perfectionism is something i’m trying to work on;)

By gaining 2 kids I have lost myself?

Questions like what do I like to do? What am I passionate about, and even sometimes the question of what’s my favourite food is hard to answer…by the way its usually food I didn’t have to make 🙂

The LOVE I have for my 2 kiddos runs so deep, and so wide that I can’t tell where it ends and I begin.  I want them to always feel loved, happy, free to be creative, love themselves, follow their passions and feel fulfilled.

But, somewhere in there I forgot that as parents & teachers the best way to teach is to show them how WE do it!

Its not enough to just tell them we love them over and over, sure that feels good to them in that moment but the best way to teach them is to love ourselves.  We have to let them see us loving ourselves, giving ourselves compliments, taking time to follow our passions and taking care of our own mind, body & spirits.

I am now AWAKE to this knowledge and I am on a path to finding more love, compassion & excitement for myself so I can GIVE of myself wholly to these 2 beautiful souls that are my kiddos.

This journey starts with finding ME, and I hope some other mom’s want to go on this journey with me!

Any takers?

For today & in this moment, the journey for me includes:

  1. a guided meditation to ease my busy mind
  2. camomile tea (tea is in my soul, I love it so!)
  3. A diffuser going with Wild Orange essential oils (LOVE my oils!)
  4. and taking a step towards loving myself more & finding out who I am.

diffuser tea

All aboard!

With love & gratitude,

Kelly XO