Fantastic Trends for 2011 weddings

Beautiful vintage lace
We absolutely love our job! Whats not to like? We have the best clients and are honoured to have the the pleasure of capturing and preserving a bride and grooms most romantic event of their lives. We are a mother and daughter photography team and we shoot fabulous weddings for fantastic people. Check out some of the trends we have noticed for the 2011 season…
Vintage glamour-If you have been anywhere near media in the last few months, the wedding of the year definitely belongs to Will and Kate. From Kate’s beautiful Chantilly lace bodice to the sprig of myrtle directly passed down from Queen Victorias very own bouquet. Vintage glamour and Hollywood drama is IN! As the fashion world trends this way, so does the bridal world. From the detail shots to the posing, our business has definitely been mirroring the runway and creating Fashion inspired weddings. 

Heirloom treasures

First look – Wedding photography has definitely moved away from the traditional to a more relaxed romantic photojournalism with a touch of fashion. Brides are no longer looking for the way things were done in the past and are deciding to blaze their own trail. Remember when superstition dictated that it was bad luck for the groom to see the bride on their wedding day until the ceremony? Not the case any more. For some couples they are opting for the more contemporary “First Look”. This is a great opportunity for the photographer. The first look takes place just before the ceremony in a private location. The purpose is to allow the couple a time where they can drink in the magic and romanticism of how they arrived at this beautiful moment and to dispel nerves often heightened by not seeing each other. This way, they can share the time alone as possibly the only private time they will share in that day.
Painted pumpkins for centerpieces
Eco/green weddings – Maybe its due to the recession or possibly our heightened awareness of the world we live in, but brides are definitely trending towards reduce-reuse-recycle. Green weddings are in! Right down to reusing wedding gowns and renting flowers. As photographers we are seeing the incorporation of family owned heirlooms and the desire to create new heirlooms for generations to come!
Same day slideshow – Well, maybe not such a new trend but it is definitely something that our couples still ask for. We are living in a time of social media with instant result. The same day slide show gives the bride and groom the opportunity to see their guests’ reactions to their memories from the day. It is always a crowd pleaser and our way as photographers for getting great feedback for upcoming trends.
Remember that ultimately it is your special day, and it does not belong to anyone else. Follow your heart and you will have no regrets. We could go on and on with our ever changing industry. If you would like to discuss any more trends, please feel free to contact us at
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