Christmas outtakes

Want something to brighten your day? This is a video of the Serniak’s Christmas photos this year.

We often have the discussion with clients about how photos can start by feeling like a disaster, and many times they are. But then it all falls into place some how. I’m sure most of our clients think we are trying to make them feel better, but the truth is in the video.

Share and make someone else’s day. This is real life unfolding right in front of us. Photogs, back me up here. Isn’t your family the hardest darn photo to get right? Happy Holidays to everyone!




2 thoughts on “Christmas outtakes

  1. Great video, and yes! It’s so true. That’s the beauty of you guys. I recall when Cooper and I had our photo session. He was so sick that day and MISERABLE. He didn’t want to have any part of having our photos taken. I thought for sure, the photos would be a fail. It was a hard time in my life, something that has now allowed me to be a stronger woman, and better Mom I believe. When we previewed the photos, I was truly touched by the emotion and love you captured in our eyes. Those photos now hang on my walls, and I smile as I now have that time of my life captured on film. As he grows everyday, I see that sweet little boy in those pictures, the boy that taught me love is unconditional and he is my world. You both have a talent, and I believe that’s the ability to see what we actually feel in our hearts.

    Thank you for being apart of our lives, and capturing memories that will last a lifetime.
    Andrea Bellefielle

    • Thank you for those kind words Andrea.
      It has been a wonderful journey photographing you and Cooper so far and we can’t wait for the opportunity to do it again in the future.

      Having great clients like you really makes our job enjoyable and rewarding and my only hope when i’m capturing someone is that I get a glimpse inside their heart, to their true self and that we can capture it in art is truly a blessing.

      Happy Holidays to you guys!
      Kelly & Marnie

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