Children and Photography

Children see the world completely different to the way we see it. They have not yet bought into the myth that they have limitations in life, and believe everything is possible.

Want to see things if a new way? Hand a camera to your child. See what they come up with.
What we have found is that they teach us how to see creatively again.
We find it absolutely amazing how we can have the most uncooperative child during a family shoot, and once we have showed them the back of the camera, they calm down and get drawn into the process. It becomes a game, take a photo, examine the photo, take a photo, etc.
We are getting our great shots and they are having a blast.

Nervous to hand over your camera to a child? Give them one of your old cell phone and keep it charged for just that use.

Our 5 year old studio helper, Julia has been taking pictures since the age of 2. She has her own digital camera and will often shoot a sequence of self portraits. Every so often, she will find my phone, shoot a few pictures and replace it so they are a nice little surprise when I go through my camera roll.

If she finds out that we have a newborn visiting the studio I often will arrive to see that she
has already set out hats, headbands, backdrops, etc. for me. Full scenes.
Sometimes she will even go and get her furry friends and set the up for test shots.


And don’t kid yourself, she always checks the next time she is in the studio to see if we used what she chose.
We feel honored to be asked to return for our “Capturing your kids on camera” this coming Sept.
The class is for anyone wanting to take better pictures of their kids.
Check out our blog post to see what happened last time we ran this course.
We will update with information as soon as it is finalized.
So, if you have an interest in photography, come on out and join us!
You will be so happy that you did!