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To print or not to print

A while back I noticed that I hadn’t been keeping up with my photo albums. Remember photo albums? I could barely recall the last time I had them updated. They sit in my office where the grandkids love to look at them. They brought it to my attention one day that there aren’t any pictures of…

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MAK Studios, where have you been?

We have been on a life journey. Many clients notice when our Facebook and website go quiet, and assume that we just don’t have anything to post. It couldn’t really be more opposite. We have been on an adventure. Much of the last year has been spent soul searching and discovering exactly what direction we…

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August 5th_BLOG

Labour of love

I was honored and excited when my bestie said I could come to witness and enjoy the journey of welcoming her 3rd child into the world. It was going to be a calm entrance safe at home for this new babe with the amazing Renaissance midwives. The call came at 5am, I was fast asleep…

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Birthday Celebration

Birthday Celebration Happy Fabulous Birthday to my Business partner & Mom! All the sneaky birthday planning was done. The limo was ordered, dinner booked, thoughtful gifts bought & awesome photographer booked to take OUR family portrait! The weather was perfect & we were ready to go surprise mom (Marnie) with a limo pick up to…

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Lets Celebrate!

In the Spirit of Canada Day, let’s Celebrate! Family, & Friends. When we photograph a family continuously throughout their life’s journey we really become friends and have a BLAST while creating their memories. During the session we like to catch up with them and travel their ups and downs listening as we go, laughing, hugging…

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Children and Photography

Children see the world completely different to the way we see it. They have not yet bought into the myth that they have limitations in life, and believe everything is possible. Want to see things if a new way? Hand a camera to your child. See what they come up with. What we have found…

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