Birthday Celebration

Birthday Celebration
Happy Fabulous Birthday to my Business partner & Mom!


All the sneaky birthday planning was done. The limo was ordered, dinner booked, thoughtful gifts bought & awesome photographer booked to take OUR family portrait!

The weather was perfect & we were ready to go surprise mom (Marnie) with a limo pick up to a planned evening out with family. As we were getting ready my little guy started to throw up everywhere and I thought to myself this is the perfect balance to this great day! But on we went as he was happy & playing around, I just brought him several changes of clothes just incase!
She was so delighted to be surrounded by the people she loved most, as that is all we all ever want in this life! The kids loved the limo ride too, I didn’t get one til I was an adult so they are head of me!

We shared a yummy dinner at her favourite restaurant and headed off much to her surprise to get our Family portrait taken by a great fellow local photographer Bryan Caporicci.
I figured it was time to live what we already preach which is GET IN PHOTOS NOW! Don’t wait to lose 10 lbs etc. the excuses go on and the truth is your children love you as you love your parents and see no flaws.

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You are perfect now and these photos are your legacy you leave to your family. We are only guaranteed today so get on it and get in photos…ok end of rant.
My mom is getting quite Zen like and balanced in her years of wisdom and more beautiful everyday. It is so amazing to watch her grow and I am learning from her about what truly matters in life and how to dump the rest. Its freeing to find out most of it doesn’t really matter people, life is all about LOVE!

Happy Fabulous Birthday Mom.
Love you Always,