Balancing Motherhood and Yoga all in one day

In addition to being the best thing I’ve ever done, I have to agree that being a mother is hard.

Us mommies are always striving to achieve the infamous “balance”.
Where is that balance? Who knows. Sometimes I feel like I am right on track, and other times I feel like I am so far away that I am driving in a field all by myself. Have you ever felt like that?

But I do know one thing for sure. The times when I have felt like I am “getting it right”, are the times when I have had yoga in my life. Why yoga? I’m not an exerciser, I don’t have time, I need something more physical, etc. etc. All excuses I have used and heard. Here is the truth on yoga as I know it.

june17_mailchimpblog_2We photograph many expectant moms and newborns in our busy little studio and we have also noticed a trend, which is why I chose to share my views on this topic. Our most positive, patient and centered mommies are in or have taken a yoga class.

Why does it work? Who cares. Just to know that it works is enough for me.

june17_mailchimpblog_3Here are the benefits I have seen.
1. Makes me a calmer more centered person that can approach life’s problems with a little more grace and a little less drama
2. Set me on a journey towards better nutrition and health in general as the instructors explain everything that is happening in my body.
3. Quiets my mind of everything in the past, the future, or useless random thought that don’t add to my life
4. Improves my physical strength.
5. Spikes my creativity
6. Many many more, but really, isn’t that enough?

Give it a try. Not sure where to start? Well if you are in the Niagara Region, try Yoga by Sarah. Their studio is clean, energized and they have the best team going. Here is a link to pointers for those who may be new to yoga.