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Hey, you found us! We’re so glad you did!

We are a mother daughter team and consider ourselves extremely blessed. In fact, the luckiest girls in the world! We live, love, laugh and believe that everything happens for a reason.

A long time ago, we realized that we had very different personalities, which is exactly what keeps us on top of our fun, fresh and trendy style. We get asked all the time what it`s like to work with family. Its really like working with your best friend. It is rarely perfect, but it is real. And it is totally us. Our clients seem to be much the same. They are caring, loving emotional people with a flare for humour and maybe a little sarcasm. Day after day we get to watch our clients view their images for the first time, laugh, cry & “feel”, and it warms our hearts. If you will trust us, we can do that for you.

Things we LOVE!


  • My morning cup of tea
  • Food! Buffets= bliss!
  • Watching my kiddos play, smile & explore!
  • Yoga class with my mom
  • Singing my heart out
  • Laughing so hard I can’t breathe

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  •  The smell of cinnamon
  • Finding out new things about myself
  • Memories of my dad
  • Staying up late & getting up early
  • Quiet vacations in Disney (ya right)
  • My morning coffee

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If there is anything we have learned on this journey, it is this! Don’t wait until you lose another 10 pounds, or get a great haircut to have your portraits done! Much too often you can find yourself in a situation where it is just too late to capture. Time has moved on and that moment has passed. Don’t wait… do it today! Click on our contact section for an online form, or Call 905-941-5149.

We always include session planning appointments in person or over the phone to discuss & design your session (outfits, style etc.).




Belly to Baby Collection $650 (value $855)

  • 2 sessions included (Maternity & Newborn)
  • 10 high resolution, edited images

    included from each session

    Custom birth announcement

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Watch me grow Collection $1050 (value $1480)

  • 3 sessions  (6mo.  1 year & a family session)
  • 10 high resolution, edited images

    included from each session

    Beautiful custom Collage

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Has a moment ever hugged you so tight, and you just never wanted to let it go?

We look to capture the moments BETWEEN what is “expected”. Life is rarely perfect. We shoot real families and real memories. What’s your story? Let us tell it!

We see it every day, from expectant moms glowing with excitement and anticipation of their new arrival to our emotional new mommies realizing that the newborn stage only lasts for a moment.

Our goal is to stop time, if only for a moment, then work our magic to create your families beautiful story through canvas, albums, wall art and timeless prints for you to have and hold forever!

What to Expect

Contact us to book your session today. Once your shoot is booked, we will have a discussion about what you want from your images and how we can best style your shoot. The more we know about what you are looking for, ideas, thoughts, personalities, the more we can put into your session. Whether we are shooting in the studio, on location or in your home, planning is the key to producing the artwork that you want. A week or so after your shoot, we will book a time for you to return to the studio and view your images. We will be happy to walk you through the process and assist in choosing the best images for your albums and collages


For the perfect maternity session, we recommend scheduling around week 30-35. Husband and kiddos are welcome. Please let us know in advance if they will be photographed so we can work that into your plan. Some women prefer for dad and siblings to attend the first half of the session, then spend the second half at the mall or coffee shop. This allows mom the opportunity to relax for her individual shots and maximize her time to the fullest.

Feel free to browse through our website gallery for clothing ideas. Remember that some non-maternity clothing will also work. We will always photograph a nice variety for you to choose from. For clothing, jeans and a shirt are always a good place to start for you and dad. We do have a variety of “wrap” type of fabric in the studio which we can use as well. Non-maternity jeans, even if you are unable to do them up, work well to accentuate your baby bump. Remember that form fitting shirts will always look better than a shapeless one. Please bring a nude thong or pair of underwear to tuck wrap fabrics into. Try to avoid bra strap and waistband lines on your skin one hour before your shoot.

This session is meant to be FUN and RELAXING. This time in your life will someday feel as if it was the blink of an eye. Even though these days can be quite exhausting, many of our moms like to make sure their hair and makeup is done, some even having it done professionally on that day! .


We have a BABY COUTURE approach and like to individualize each shoot. Your first shoot should be scheduled within 7-10 DAYS of birth. This is when the baby still has their “curl” and will sleep during most poses.

We incorporate several methods to ensure that the studio and the baby are warm, so dress yourself in layers. We can do all natural shots of baby, or fully dressed. The choice is yours but please make that decision before you arrive and let us know ahead of time. Natural shots where the baby is sleeping are by far our most popular to focus on the beauty and simplicity of a newborn. All those little details can be seen like those tiny little hairs that stand up on their arms, a little ear, an ever so small finger or toe.

Sessions usually last from 1-2 hours, so please come with that timeframe in mind. We don’t believe a newborn can be rushed and we strive for a stress-free environment for the new mommy and the baby. Ample time is given for nursing and cuddling your new arrival.

Please arrive with your newborn well fed and sleepy and we will start from there.


Family portraits are best when all are dressed in similar (not matching) style & color

snacks work well as playful “bribery” for younger children

Keep clothing simple and layered

avoid white (cream tones are better)

Denim photographs beautifully

Textured clothing is a nice choice – sweaters, etc. for fall and winter

slip dresses for girls or denim overalls for boys in spring/summer

Chocolate, tan and jewel tones such as turquoise look very nice in portraiture

Bare feet are always preferred

Children look good in bright colors

Avoid logos or loud pattern

It is a good idea to gather all outfits, place them together and determine from there if they work. Try to ensure that everyone is well rested and fed.

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Lets book your session and let the magic begin!

MAK Studios is by appointment only, please. We have 2 studio locations to serve your needs the best we can!
(St. Catharines & Welland, On).

Contact us by phone at 905-941-5149 or 905-329-7486